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The investment world is far too competitive to approach unprepared. There are too many people looking to gain an edge to make any decision rashly, and the more you work at understanding what you are doing, the better your outcome will be. We are your partner for navigating the investment world intelligently, but we’re also your friend and your confidence.

The Smart Investor offers timely, trusted and actionable financial information for every investor, from early investors to financial advisors to high net worth individuals

Whether you are just starting out as an investor or maintaining a net worth that is already sizable, we have the information you need. Our content is original and objective, and we curate the information we publish in order to optimize your ability to make smart financial decisions. Stock market investing, fundamental and technical analysis, real estate trends, funds and a broad personal finance section.  We Helping people plan, save, and invest to reach their financial goals is essential to who we are. we are here for you every step of the way – provide you with powerful data, unbiased news, and strong analyses.

Be The Smart Investor.

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Carolane De Palmas

Technical Analysis Expert

After graduating with a Masters in Corporate Finance & Financial Markets, and getting the AMF Certification, Carolane went to market analysis software company Highwave360 to take part in the European launch of their new market analysis software. She then become an independent trader, investing mostly in European and American stocks and indices, as well as writing market analyses for a number of different brokers. You can found her on Linkedin

Jack Wickens

Personal Finance Writer

Jack is a personal finance writer who has been writing for more than a decade. His passion for educating consumers and helping everyday families earn more and live better.

He is most knowledgeable with years of experience covering topics such as savings, budgeting, and responsible credit use and always happy to share his expertise with readers.

Richard Bowman

Trader, Investor, Analyst, Writer

Richard Bowman is a trader, investor, analyst and writer based in Cape Town, South Africa. He has over 18 years’ experience in asset management, stockbroking, financial media and systematic trading. Richard combines fundamental, quantitative and technical analysis with a dash of common sense. He covers global equities, ETFs, currencies and indices. You can find him on his website.


Steve Green


Investor based in Australia focused on global asset allocation, special situation and activist investing strategies. Keen interest in Listed Investment Companies (LICs) and Closed End Funds (CEFs). You can follow some of his ideas at his investment blog. Not licensed to give financial advice or aware of your personal circumstances so please do your own research. You can find him on Linkedin


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Baruch Silvermann

Founder, Investor, Personal Finance Expert

Baruch Silvermann is a personal finance expert, investor for more than 15 years, digital marketer and founder of The Smart Investor. But above all, he is passionate about teaching people how to manage their money and helping millions on their journey to a better financial future.

Silvermann has been featured in many news publications including  Seeking Alpha, Investopedia, Forbes and more.

Aside from being a finance expert, his background includes working as a business analyst and online marketer.

For any Inquiry: baruch@infoforinvestors.com

Jessica Smith

Strategic Partnership Manager

As strategic partnership manager, Jessica is responsible for exploring new ways to improve the exposure of our content. This includes searching for relevant opportunities and facilitate business relationships with current and potential partners.

She previously worked as a media manager at Performance Media, and before that she worked at various entertainment websites.

For any Inquiry: jessica.s@infoforinvestors.com

Allen White

Content Editor

As a finance geek and Content editor with 13 years of journalism experience, Allen make sure every article has the right flow, edits for accuracy and consumer value. 

Allen perfectly knows how to leverage data and feedback from users to help evaluate and enhance the value of a set of written materials and websites.  

For any Inquiry: allen.w@infoforinvestors.com