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Capital One 360 Review 2021 – excellent choice for online banking

Whether you have long term or short term savings plans, Capital One 360 bank offers many options to use at your disposal.
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Capital One 360 Bank Review

Capital One 360 is an excellent choice if you are looking for a high-quality banking service.  Capital One is a premium online banking service that offers helpful applications that appeal to anyone looking for convenient, reliable service and available physical locations. 

Along with a trusted and reliable service, Capitol One 360 offers no hidden fees or minimums as you continue to earn interest with your daily money.  There are over 38,000 fee-free ATMs and over 2,000 Capital One ATMs, which will successfully meet your needs when it comes to accessing your money.

Other great incentives Capital One 360 offers are a free MasterCard Debit Card for all of your purchases.  These are wonderful additions to the service that prioritizes your convenience and ease of use.

capital-one-360 review

On Capital One 360 Secure Website

Account Types

No Minimum Deposit



Here are the main products Capital One 360 bank offers for savers:

Capital One 360 Bank Savings Account

No minimum deposit

Initial Deposit


Minimum Balance

0.40 - 0.50%


The Capital One 360 savings account offers a comprehensive package that provides no monthly fees, so you can keep what you earn without any added costs.  There are also no minimum requirements for opening and maintaining your savings account.  This provides an opportunity to grow and build your account without any strings attached.

The purpose of opening a savings account with Capital One 360 is because they are the leader in digital savings tools.  This is an innovative tool that automatically transfers your funds to help increase the functionality of your online account. 

A Capital One 360 performance savings account can be opened with no minimum amount, no monthly fee, and a 0.65% APY.  The national average for savings accounts is 0.05%, therefore Capital One 360 is much better than the national average. 

This is a top-rated mobile application that allows you to have access to your savings account 24/7.  This increases your ability to monitor and update your account at your discretion.  Capital One 360 Incorporates easy account transfers, which helps you access and move your money between any linked Capital One accounts. This promotes accurate bank statements and keeps your account growing.

Capital One 360 also prioritizes tracking your progress and celebrating your savings.  By opening up, high-yield savings account your savings account earns higher than average interest on your balance amount.  You will earn more than 5x the national average savings with every dollar you save.

You can open your account in 5 minutes online, on your mobile application, or at any Capital One location.  It is entirely up to you and what you feel most comfortable doing.

Capital One 360 Bank Checking Account

No minimum deposit

Initial Deposit


Minimum Balance



The Capital One 360 checking accounts are mostly used and operated online for your optimal convenience.  You can easily pay your bills, get your cash, making deposits, and transfer your money without the added stress of a monthly fee.  This allows you to condense your banking work without extra trips to your local bank.

You can easily open your checking account online and manage your account securely by signing onto your phone or computer. You do not have to rely on waiting for your bank to open.  The hours are entirely at your disposal, which offers increased flexibility and user-based tools.

Another added benefit of opening a Capital One 360 checking account is the zero fees when opening a checking account.  There are no fees when opening, keeping, or using your Capital One 360 account domestically or for foreign transactions.  This is extremely helpful and beneficial to a traveling and busy adult.

There are also many other additions to this service.  You can receive overnight check delivery, overnight delivery of a replacement a card, and request to stop payments.  All of these are great improvements to your banking experience that limit any unnecessary stress.   

Capital One 360 Bank CDs

No minimum deposit

Initial Deposit

6 - 60 months

CDs Terms

0.20 - 0.60%


The Capital One 360 CDs are savings vehicles that allow you to deposit money and earn interest.  You can deposit your money for a specific amount a time, which is called a term, they cannot access this money until your assigned term is finished.  This is the main difference between a CD and a savings account.

Opening a Capital One 360 CD account requires no minimum balance, which is helpful and useful for you.  You also do not have to worry about any market risks.  You will receive a penalty if you remove the money before ending your term, so a carefully laid out plan is ideal.

You are guaranteed returns for your CD account.  You will always know what to expect from your account and what the pre-determined rates are.  The interest rates are determined by how you decide your account interest is paid out.  This is based on what works best for you, which can be at the end of your term, monthly, or annually.  It is entirely your choice and what works best with your finances.

CD rates and terms start at 6 months and you can choose from there.  The level of commitment is your choice based on the level of savings you wish to incorporate. 

Capital One 360 Bank Money Market Account


Initial Deposit


Minimum Balance



A Capital One 360 money market account or MMA is a unique savings account that earns you a higher savings rate than traditional savings accounts.  It offers you some check-writing options as well.  There are many savings benefits to using a money market account.  It is a serious commitment, with a higher minimum balance than most savings accounts.  

The biggest difference between a usual savings account and a money market account is the annual percentage yield.  The APY is the most effective annual rate of return, which shows how much you will earn in interest each year.  When deciding whether or not to open a money market account or general savings account you should identify and analyze whether or not you want to deposit a higher amount.

Having a higher deposit amount allows you to have more long-term savings goals.  A savings account is used for shorter-term goals.  Either account helps your savings grow exponentially.



Application Process

Visit the Capital One 360 homepage and then click on “Open account.”

Capital One 360_Homepage Capital One 360_Homepage

This brings up the next page, where you are expected to fill in your full name.

Capital One 360_Homepage Capital One 360_Homepage

The next page brings up your email address, fill and confirm it and click “Continue.”

Capital One 360_Homepage Capital One 360_Homepage

Other pages come up requiring you to fill details such as phone number, residential address, city, and zip code; fill them and then click “Continue.”

Capital One 360_Homepage Capital One 360_Homepage

Next indicate your employment status, annual income, your identity.

Capital One 360_Homepage Capital One 360_Homepage

Finally, agree to the terms and conditions and the make a deposit.

Alternatives Banks For Consideration

Here are our alternatives to Capital One 360 Bank:

Bank of America is a long-standing organization with a series of investment and loan plans such as checking, savings, mortgages, credit cards, auto and business loans.

Monthly fees may be waived for savings and checking accounts provided that the client meets certain conditions. Also, clients tend to gain increased interest rates, banking rewards and cashback deals. The checking account is very flexible and may be customized to suit your customers' specific needs. The Bank also provides Certificate deposit accounts for featured and standard terms, with $10,000 and $1,000 minimum deposits, respectively. The company also provides a high-functioning website that is easy and convenient for clients to apply online from their homes' comfort.

Some application requirements are needed to open an account like social security number, phone number, email, residential address and account sign-up info. These details can be provided via the online platform; however, clients depositing above $100,000 may need to visit any of the branches.

A downside to borrowing from the Bank of America is that branches are unevenly spread while some states have no branch offices while some have multiple.

In a 2019 retail banking advice study, JD Power awarded Bank of America with the top score among twenty-three American banks for customer satisfaction. Business Bureau gives the Bank an A1 for the organization’s overall operation.

Varo Bank is an online bank with a high-quality mobile application offering savings and checking investment accounts. 

There are numerous banking benefits with Varo like; no minimum deposit amount, no overdraft fees, no transfer charges, no hidden fees, no ATM charges, and FDIC insurance coverage up to $250,000. The savings account has an APY of 0.81% and may increase based on certain conditions. There are two savings accounts: Save Your Pay, an automated account to save a percentage of direct deposits, and Save Your Change, which rounds the deposit amount up to the nearest dollar and transfers the remaining cents to the savings account. Checking accounts can be opened on mobile with no monthly charges.

You may want to prepare some details before applying for a Varo bank account. They include; name, date of birth, identification like driver's license, social security number, contact address and residential details.

One disadvantage of Varo bank is the limit on cash deposits for the savings account. The organization also fails to provide a wide range of investment and financing offers like loans, Certificates of deposit, and joint accounts. There are no physical offices; hence, it is only suitable for customers who like full online banking services.

Varo bank meets Better Business Bureau accreditation requirements and has an A+ rating for overall organizational performance.


Overall Capital One 360 is an excellent choice for online banking.  Whether you have long term or short term savings plans, you have many options to use at your disposal.  The goal of Capital One 350 is to maintain a commitment to its customers and put their needs first. 

When you are juggling a tremendous amount of assets you need reliable financing tools that improve your ability to transfer, deposit, withdraw, and update your finances without an increased headache.  Capital One 360 is a user-friendly system that offers a considerable amount of resources.

There is a great amount of help and support to answer any question or problem you encounter with your account.  You can either only use the online banking software, or you can visit a physical location.  Overall you have a wide variety of banking options, which allows you to increase your flexibility with the increase in banking options that suit your needs.