PHH Mortgage Review 2020

3.8 stars out of 5

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PHH – About The Lender

PHH Mortgage was founded in 1946 in Mount Laurel, New Jersey and incorporated in 1953 as a Maryland corporation which provides mortgage services in the world’s largest financial services firms. PHH Mortgage is the biggest U.S. outsourcer of home loans that processes and originates on behalf of smaller banks and smaller financial firms.

PHH Mortgage has had a rough reputation with customer reviews along with lawsuits against them, including the one where they paid out $74 million paid to the U.S. due to PHH Mortgage not complying with the correct guidelines and requirements for any underwritten loans. Like every lender in the mortgage industry, they have issues but try as hard as possible to get back up with their reputation. In this case, PHH Mortgage isn’t exactly the largest mortgage company but they still have a great following.

PHH Mortgage Pros & Cons



PHH Mortgage Products, Fees, and Conditions

PHH Mortgage doesn’t really offer as many programs and products as the larger lenders nor the smaller lenders. Their programs are pretty much standard compared to any other mortgage company. They offer fixed and adjustable (ARM) rate loans with Conventional, FHA, VA, and Jumbo loans.

PHH Mortgage also offers rate and term and cash out refinances but you will be paying a 1% to 2% fee within your closing costs. Each loan is specific but their average credit scores they work with are from 680 to 850 so the majority of their programs are catering to those types of borrowers.

Again, they don’t offer too many specialty products but they are a lender that will offer competitive rates with the minimum loan programs they offer.

PHH Mortgage Process - How To Get a Loan?

PHH Mortgage doesn’t exactly have a friendly website to locate and access status of loans in progress, steps to take while in the process of your current loan but like normal mortgage lenders, the steps are usually the same. Given that PHH Mortgage is an online based lender, you would think they would have much more information.

First, you will need to find your property. Once you have the property in mind, you will need to contact a loan originator to talk over your loan options. From there, you will then have an operations team that will contact you requesting loan documents such as disclosures, to start the timeline of your closing date, and then you will need to send in your income and asset documentation.

If you have finicky things about your credit, you will need to send in documents for that as well. After that your property valuation documents will be ordered and all documents will be reviewed by their underwriting department that will determine if your loan is approved or if they need more information to get your loan approved.

After that, you will then get a phone call from either your realtor, loan originator, or title escrow officer to schedule your closing and then you are on your way to owning your own home.