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Erie Car Insurance Review – Unique Extras, Great Discounts

Erie insurance has all the expected auto insurance standard plans and extra coverage loaded with various benefits specific to each state.

We may receive compensation from companies that appear on this page. It doesn’t affect our unbiased editors’ opinions. our opinions are our own.

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Erie insurance has incorporated technology as a crucial aspect of its business strategy. It has achieved this by implementing digitally organized bodies to check any veering off the path of its company’s terms and objectives to create a rich customer experience. The client's safety is of utmost importance, and strict safety measures are put in place to report any suspected attempt to defraud and prevent future attempts.

Erie insurance offers low and discounted prices as well as low premiums. The company provides discounts for seniors, youngers, and safe drivers to keep prices affordable.  It has all the expected auto insurance standard plans and extra coverage loaded with various benefits specific to each state. The company has a series of unique extras and discounts which are largely unavailable in other insurance operations.

Erie also offers an Auto Plus package for a small fee that gives you a diminishing deductible, extra days of rental car coverage, higher limits with locksmith coverage, waived deductibles, and a death benefit of $10,000 when a person dies from a covered accident.

While these perks are nice, the fact that it isn’t available everywhere is deterring. It’s also not accredited by the Better Business Bureau which isn’t ideal if you need to make a complaint.


On Erie Secure Website

Better Business Bureau


NAIC Complaint Index


J.D. Power satisfaction




The Erie insurance company was established in 1925 by Crawford O.G and Hirt H.O, providing life, home, business, and automobile insurance coverages. The corporation ranks in the top largest publicly held companies in America and introduced the Super Standard Auto Policy through which other insurance operations have followed.

Besides having twelve offices in different states in America, they have an online platform for users to get an auto quote and make a claim easily. There is an on-call agent (during work hours) to put you through in case of any difficulties.

Customer Satisfaction Ratings

    • A+ on BBB: BBB assigns ratings from A+ (highest) to F (lowest). BB ratings are based on information in BBB files with respect to factors such as business's complaint history with BBB, type of business, time in business, transparent business practices and more.
    • 1.58/5  on BBB customers reviews (52 reviews): BB customer reviews allow customers to post positive, negative or neutral reviews about marketplace experiences.
    • 4.0/5 on Trustpilot ( 3 reviews): TrustScore is also an overall measurement of reviewer satisfaction, represented numerically from 1 to 5.
    • NAIC: 0.59  – This score gives insight into actual policyholder sentiments toward their policy provider. The baseline complaint index is set at 1.00, so a company with a complaint ratio of 2 for example, has received two times the national market average of complaints annually.
    • A+ on A.M Best: AM Best uses its rating system to judge the strength of a company’s financial holdings and assets.
    •  4.28/5 on J.D Power: We considered J.D. Power’s regional auto insurance study as well as J.D. Power’s claim satisfaction survey.

J.D Power offers the most comprehensive and independent study of customer satisfaction. The study aims to help consumers and issuers to understand user opinions and ratings of the largest car insurance companies. It covers customer satisfaction, terms, coverage options, communication, rewards and more.

J.D Power’s claim satisfaction survey rates companies on customer’s claims experiences.

Basic Coverage

The Erie auto policy provides the following basic coverages:

  • Liability coverage: Foots the bills for property or bodily damages that occur as a result of an at-fault accident.
  • Collision and Comprehensive Coverage: Pays for damages done to your car by other vehicles or objects, theft, fire, vandalism, etc.
  • Uninsured motorist protection: Covers vehicular damages and bodily injuries sustained from an accident caused by an uninsured driver.
  • Underinsured motorist protection: Pays the difference between another driver’s policy capabilities and your actual medical expenses as a result of an accident,
  • Personal Injury Protection: Foots medical and funeral bills after an accident, regardless of who is at fault. 


Here are some optional additions to the standard policies. These add-ons give endless coverage possibilities.

  • Roadside and Rental coverage: These policies are for emergencies that occur while in motion, and if you need a better policy for your car rental coverage.
  • Pet coverage: People will be glad to know that treatment costs for any injury suffered by pets during a car accident are provided under this policy.
  • Personal item coverage: This policy replaces any personal belongings destroyed in the car as a result of an incident.
  • First accident forgiveness: Prevents rate increment on your first at-fault accident only after being an Erie client for a minimum of three years.
  • Diminishing deductible: Reduces deductible by $100 for every consecutive year you are claims-free (up to $500).
  • Locksmith services: Pays for the services of a locksmith if you accidentally get locked out of your car.
  • New Auto Security: If a car used for less than two years is destroyed, you will get a replacement with the most recent model.
  • Rate Lock: It permits customers to lock their rates so that they aren't affected by any sudden increase in insurance rates.

How to Get a Quote

step 1: Visit the company website at and click on the option to get a quote. You will get to fill in personal details like; name, date of birth, address, city, and zip code.

Erie Inusrance - How to get a quote 1

step 2: After filling, click “Continue”. You will now provide your vehicle information such as; type, year, make model, use, and mileage.

step 3: Click ‘continue’. You will need to include all vehicles you wish to insure, then click ‘continue.' You will now provide your driving details like name, gender, marital status, age, previous accidents, or violations.
Moving on, you will have to register every potential driver of the car you wish to insure. Click ‘continue,' then provide final details such as email, phone number, discount options, and start date.After clicking ‘continue’ to submit, your quote estimate should appear on your screen like this.

step 4: You may decide to submit a quote to your agent if you're ready and print the quote.
The website provides a step by step process to generate your insurance quote. You can choose to include different discount offers or to opt for a lower rate.

How to File a Claim

Visit the site at, and under the service option, click “start a claim.”

Erie Inusrance - How to file a claim

You will see two ways to file your claim:

  • Through your Insurance Agent: All the agents are familiar with the entire process and can easily put you through the steps. There is a link to connect to a local agent; click on it, and you will be directed to a page asking for your Zip code. After imputing your zip code, you will get a direct link to agents whom you can easily connect with in furtherance of filing your insurance claim. OR
  • Call Erie: Erie provides a customer care line that is readily available for calls 24/7. There is an automated voice that will run you through the various call options used to categorize different services.

As is with every organization, there are some strength areas and some areas of weakness in this Insurance operation. Here are some advantages of dealing with the corporation as well as some disadvantages:


The company is known for its reasonable policy rates compared to its competitors. The prices provided in Erie Insurance are lower than in other standard companies with similar rankings. The operation gives various individual coverage policies that don't include in most insurance companies, and its all at a minimum cost.

Erie Insurance has recorded a low rate of customer complaints. For a corporation of its magnitude and long-standing, it records a good rating on customer satisfaction. Customers have described their experience with the organization as a swift and responsive one.

There is a discount package for almost everyone; all you have to do is choose what suits you best. The cheap rates are as a result of its many discount prices. The corporation considers the welfare of its customers to create well-thought-out discount offers specific to each customer.

The lock-in feature available in Erie Auto Insurance is one of a kind and a huge selling point. It provides an effective and long-lasting solution to fluctuating rates, thereby giving customers confidence and a sense of control over their insurance activities.


There is the need for every business to key into the digitalized era, one of which is by building a business application for on-the-go activities. It makes activity management easier and faster to achieve.

This insurance service operates only in twelve American states: New York, Maryland, Indiana, Virginia, North Carolina, Illinois, Kentucky, West Virginia, Tennessee, West Virginia, Pennsylvania, and Ohio. It also operates in Columbia.

Auto Insurance Discounts

Erie Auto Insurance provides amazing discounts to suit different budgets. These discounts ensure that you are getting a reduced price but not reduced quality. As attractive as a cheap policy might be, Erie Auto Insurance ensures that you are getting a standard offer that will be advantageous to you and your lifestyle. Here are some of the money-savers: 

DiscountHow do you receive it?
Safety FeaturesInstall safety features like antilock brakes, alarm, airbags, etc.
MultipolicyAdd life or home insurance to your existing car policy.
StorageStore your car properly, and don't drive for at least 90 days.
Paid in FullPay your premiums at once instead of monthly installments.
Student away from homeYoung driver goes to college and leaves the vehicle at home.
Young driverFinish a driving training course, be unwed and still live with your parents, or be unwed and covered by a parent’s auto policy – applies only to drivers under 21 years.

Erie Insurance FAQs

The main reason why  Erie rates are low is that it is possible to qualify for “Rate Lock”. By adding this feature to your policy, you will not have any rate increases year over year unless you change address or the drivers or cars on your policy need to be amended. If these details stay the same, your rate will remain at the same rate even if you make a claim.

Erie is a smaller insurance provider offering coverage in 12 states and Washington DC. The coverage area is predominantly in the mid west and mid Atlantic US, in addition to the District of Columbia. So, if you are in the western side of the US, you are likely to struggle to purchase Erie car insurance.

Erie is a highly rated insurer offering great rates, with highly praised customer support. The insurer also offers superb coverage options to find the ideal policy to suit your requirements. Erie has a network of independent agents, so you can interact with a dedicated agent when you buy your policy, manage the coverage and make a claim.

The main advantage Direct Car Insurance has is that it advertises highly flexible payment options. However, this is offset by American Family’s mobile app that makes policy management and premium payment simple. So, overall, American Family is likely to be the better choice.

While State Farm has a solid reputation for offering good rates, Erie is considered a more affordable option. Erie is highly rated with stellar customer support and suburb coverage options. Both companies use agents in their operating territories, so you can gain access to personalized service, but Erie has a better reputation.

Additionally, while State Farm reviews the premium costs every six months, Erie allows you to lock in your rate. So, unless your circumstances change, such as changing your vehicle or moving home, you can keep your car insurance costs stable. This makes Erie the better option.



Geico is considered to offer low cost car insurance, making it an appealing option. Geico also has coverage across the US, which is another advantage. However, while Geico does have a variety of available discounts, Erie also offers great rates and myriad discounts.

Where Erie has the advantage over Geico is the ability to rate lock. If you add this to your policy, you don’t need to worry about premium increases at renewal time. So, Erie is the better option over Geico.



Both Direct Car Insurance and Erie have a small coverage area with 11 states and 12 states respectively. However, while Direct Car Insurance offers average rates, Erie has a reputation for low rates with innovative features such as rate lock. This allows you to keep your rate the same unless you change address or vehicle or need to add drivers to your policy. So, if you’re within the Erie coverage area, it is likely to be the better option for your car insurance needs.


Here are our 2 choices of car insurance companies which can use as a great alternative to Erie insurance:  

GEICO provides lots of car insurance coverage options and is popular for its great customer service, as well as its great mobile app for customers. GEICO focuses on online sales to customers rather than the use of agents, which has given the company the ability to keep low rates coupled with providing similar products of other big insurers. Due to its pricing and convenience, it is known as the best option for consumers that are cost-conscious.

GEICO may come with some cons such as gap insurance absent, difficult getting a local agent, accident forgiveness not available in all states, and some coverage options missing. Overall, the company boasts to offer some of the best services such as excellent 3rd-party ratings, great mobile app, multiple Policy discounts, and new cars having mechanical breakdown insurance.

Direct auto insurance sets itself apart as a non-standard insurance carrier that focuses on high-risk drivers that have once had poor credit or bad driving record. It offers lots of discount opportunities for customers including safe drivers, good students, senior citizens, policy renewals, and more.

The products offered by Direct auto insurance come with broad standard features. Asides comprehensive and liability protection, it also offers options such as roadside assistance, rental reimbursement, accidental death coverage, owing reimbursement, etc.

Though the Direct auto insurance company offers lots of discounts, as well as reliable protection, the customer service complaints received has been just above average. Therefore, this insurance is best for high-risk drivers that have been struggling to get a policy at a reasonable price elsewhere.

Car Insurance Companies Review – Methodology

Our expert review team gathers data from many auto insurance providers in order to create rankings of the top insurers. Each company receives a score from each category, along with a overall weighted score of 5.0 stars.

Financial Stability: The highest score in this category goes to insurers with high financial ratings and customer-first practices. Although insurance marketplaces do not have financial strength ratings they can still be useful tools for drivers who are looking for premiums at competitive rates. If you are looking for an insurer that doesn’t underwrite your policies, be sure to check the rating of the partner company.

Coverage: The rating is based upon the types of insurance that are available, their maximum coverage limits and any add-on policies. We also consider exclusions that are applicable to certain drivers.

Cost and Discounts: We review auto insurance rates estimates for many drivers across every state. The best scores are awarded to companies that offer lower rates and have many discount options for car insurance. You can lower your insurance premium by qualifying for any driver discounts. Car insurance companies often offer discounts up to 25%-35% for eligible policyholders. 

The discount percentages offered vary depending on where you live and some companies restrict the amount of discounts that can be applied to your premium. We looked at the discounts offered in the various companies that we reviewed. Many allow you to combine different insurance policies to save on premiums. There are many savings options for drivers shopping for car insurance. These include discounts based on the type of car, profession, driving record, and other factors. Companies that offer a variety of options could lead to a lower premium for drivers were favored by us.

Customer Service: We review customer feedback and reviews from J.D. Power. Data such as market share, complaints to the National Association of Insurance Commissioners for private passenger car insurance (2020) and overall ratio of those complaints to the industry average. 

We took into account parameters such as companies mobile apps, advanced online services, and telematics make it easier for auto insurers to respond to consumer needs. Many providers offer support via phone, email and agents. Some even offer live chat and 24/7 support via phone, email, or mobile app, while some provide social media responsiveness during weekends and after-hours hours.