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Liberty Mutual Car Insurance Review 2021

The Liberty Mutual Insurance Auto policy is known for its affordable coverage prices and numerous discounts. Should you consider it?

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Liberty Mutual Car Insurance Review

The Liberty Mutual Insurance Auto policy is known for its affordable coverage prices and numerous discounts; this may be why it has a sixth-place largest insurer ranking. It provides several coverage options to select from, for you, for others, and your automobile. Some of the packages are standard benefits that come with the policy, while some are additions for a price. This coverage includes vehicle, liability, medical, uninsured driver, car replacement, and reimbursement. Soldiers and school students are entitled to some discounted packages, as are cars and driving methods.

This operator gives a close to maximum coverage for your car needs for a relatively low price. Compared to many other insurance companies, Liberty Mutual has a relatively standard customer care satisfaction ranking higher than its competitors.

The Liberty Mutual Car Insurance is one of the Liberty Mutual Group's insurance packages, an American corporation established in 1912 with its headquarters located in Massachusetts. It is a global and multinational operation with about a thousand offices scattered home and abroad, run by 50,000 people. It is a hugely successful USA Corporation that offers services in the fifty states by providing various insurance services, including automobiles. They have an effective online service for users to generate quotes and make claims.

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Customer Satisfaction Ratings

    • A+ on BBB: BBB assigns ratings from A+ (highest) to F (lowest). BB ratings are based on information in BBB files with respect to factors such as business's complaint history with BBB, type of business, time in business, transparent business practices and more.
    • 1.13/5  on BBB customers reviews (437 reviews): BB customer reviews allow customers to post positive, negative or neutral reviews about marketplace experiences.
    • NAIC: 1.18  – This score gives insight into actual policyholder sentiments toward their policy provider. The baseline complaint index is set at 1.00, so a company with a complaint ratio of 2 for example, has received two times the national market average of complaints annually.
    • A on A.M Best: AM Best uses its rating system to judge the strength of a company’s financial holdings and assets.
    •  4.1/5 on J.D Power: We considered J.D. Power’s regional auto insurance study as well as J.D. Power’s claim satisfaction survey.

J.D Power offers the most comprehensive and independent study of customer satisfaction. The study aims to help consumers and issuers to understand user opinions and ratings of the largest car insurance companies. It covers customer satisfaction, terms, coverage options, communication, rewards and more.

J.D Power’s claim satisfaction survey rates companies on customer’s claims experiences.

Basic Coverage

This company provides for three standard categories of coverage, including:

  • Medical Payments Coverage: This package covers medical bills resulting from your car accident, irrespective of who caused the accident. It also covers the immediate treatment of all passengers involved in the accident in this package. The standard provisions are; medical bills, legal fees, and costs of bereavement. 
  • Body Injury Liability Coverage: The policy provides passengers present in the car at the time of the accident with coverage under the bodily injury liability for any generated costs resulting from the accident. This standard package includes; medical bills, suspended income, legal fees, and costs of bereavement.
  • Property Damage Coverage: This standard package covers any damage done to a motorist's car. The insurance company decides to repair or replace the driver’s car.


LMI Car Insurance provides for tons of optional insurance packages in addition to the standard ones. They include: 

  • Uninsured Motorist Coverage: This plan covers the medical expenses for any injury resulting from a collision with an uninsured motorist.
  • Personal Injury Protection Coverage: It also covers any additional expenses for your extended well-being beyond when the accident occurred.
  • Collision Coverage: The covers repair expenses for damage done to your car by colliding with another automobile or object.
  • Comprehensive Package: This plan oversees damage expenses suffered by incidents other than collision, such as fire outbreak, animal hit, vandalism, robbery, etc.
  • Liberty Mutual Deductible Fund: Clients pay extra charges to lower their deductibles by a hundred dollars every year.
  • Lifetime Repair Guarantee Plan: The corporation seeks out a marked and approved automobile repair institute for your car accidents.
  • New Car Replacement Package: When your new car gets wrecked, you will be provided with money to purchase a brand new one with the same value.
  • Teachers Car Insurance: One of the unique plans provided by Liberty Mutual Insurance to teachers – it provides additional protection for damages caused by theft, collision, or vandalism perpetrated on school grounds.

As is with every insurance company there are some strength areas and some areas of weakness. Here are some advantages as well as some disadvantages you should know before making a decision: 


With a long run term period of a hundred and eight years now, the company has several high-rankings up its sleeves. It holds third place in America's largest insurance companies with a 75th position on the Fortune 100 list. Besides, it lists as one of the best Insurance companies in 2020, according to Nerd Wallet. It provides all the standard auto insurance policy packages with several optional add-ons.

 The mobile application is very handy for when you need to manage your policy affairs anytime and anywhere. It provides well thought out and catchy features like roadside support, enabling you to take instant pictures after experiencing an accident or make an emergency call for services.

 LMI has a high standard financial rating, which gives customers a strong guarantee of payment on insurance claims when the need arises. This rating gives the company a good financial security feature and a strong ability to fulfill its financial obligations.

 The corporation's website is vibrant, useful, and easy to surf through. It allows customers to manage their policies effectively by making claims fast, accessing their I.D.s, and pay their bills.

LMI makes provisions for lots of coverage options for customers to pick. They have policies specific to different and all classes of people in society, ranging from different age groups to different jobs and professions.

Limited Mutual Insurance has a generally affordable price range, together with a variety of discounts. Its numerous discount offers one of this operation's major selling points. They provide for several discount prices that come at little to no cost to the customers.


While the corporation provides affordable rates and discounts, they are only open for access in some states and not others. The geographical restrictions can lead to fairly high rates for customers who do not live in discount-accessible areas.

Single car owners may be subject to fairly high rates compared to those with several insured cars. The bigger your policy, the better your rate; full coverage policy rates are cheaper than half or partial Coverage.

How to Get a Quote

step 1: Visit and click on the option to ”get a quote”; you will be required to submit your zip code to get your price.

Liberty Mutual - How to file a claim 1

step 2: Then, you will get to fill in your address details, followed by your name, date of birth, and email address. Click “save and continue” to move forward in your application process.

Liberty Mutual - How to get a quote 1

step 3: You will need to add details of the vehicle intended for insurance, such as; year, make, model, trim, body style, year of purchase, ownership, usage, and estimated annual mileage. Click “save and continue” to proceed.

Liberty Mutual - How to get a quote 3

step 4: Now, you will be required to add all potential drivers except those already insured. Click “save and continue”.

step 5: For the next step, you’ll move on to include more drivers’ details like employment status, occupation, phone number, residence and ownership, mobile number, education level, offshore driver's license, and previous accidents, violations, or claims. Click “save and continue.”

On to the company's amazing discounts, you have access to different discounts based on attended college or university, employer-company, and professional association of drivers included in your policy. After filling these details, click “save and continue.”

Voila! You should have a quote appear on your screen as “Your estimated price” with an option to finalize.

To finalize the vehicle information, you are required to impute Vehicle Identification Number, Anti-theft Device, and Mileage.

How to File a Claim

Filing a claim online with Liberty Mutual insurance is fast and easy, with a completion time of under ten minutes.

Visit the website and proceed to the claims center; you will see options to “file a claim” or “track a claim.” Click to file.

Liberty Mutual - How to file a claim 1

You have two options to select from; to file as a customer or file against a customer. You will need to provide your account log-in details to file your claim.

Liberty Mutual - How to file a claim 2

Here are some of the crucial information to be provided to make a successful claim:

  • Your type of insurance policy
  • Date of the accident
  • Your policy number
  • What ensued and the degree of damages done.
  • Your car maker, year, and model

The company provides for customer call phone lines and online service, both of which are open twenty-four hours, seven days a week to report any claim.

Auto Insurance Discounts

LMI provides for several discount offers. They give incentives to motorists who qualify for the discounts. Some discounts are general, some specific to different classes of people, and some varying according to different state policies. 

These discounts are helpful ways to save money and make affordable insurance claims.  Here is a list of some of the auto insurance discounts offered to specific groups of people by Liberty Mutual Car Insurance: 

DiscountHow do you receive it?
HomeownerOwn a home to qualify for a savings discount
MilitaryBe an active or retired member of the U.S. military.
Good studentsStudents with a GPA of B and above.
Anti-theft DeviceIf you have installed an anti-theft device in your vehicle
Accident-freeA no-accident driving record qualifies you for savings.
Violation freeIf you have never violated a driving rule, you get a reward.
Right trackEnrollment and participation in the Right Track program.
Multi-carInsure multiple cars with the company.
Pay-in-fullOnce and for all payments for coverage.
Paperless PolicyMake payments via transfer or any online methods.

Liberty Mutual FAQs

Liberty Mutual is one of the largest insurance providers in the US, but this isn’t the reason why it is not the cheapest auto insurance option. In fact, Liberty Mutual offers some useful features such as lifetime repair guarantees and accident forgiveness that can be included in your policy. Additionally, Liberty Mutual offers access to support online, by phone and in person should you encounter a problem.

Liberty Mutual car insurance is available across all 50 states. However, the coverage and insurance minimums do vary in each state, so you may find some coverage options are not available in your area. Fortunately, Liberty Mutual can help you to check the policies that meet the minimum coverage requirements and tailor your policy with add ons to ensure it satisfies your requirements.

Liberty Mutual has an excellent reputation within the insurance industry and offers customers access to some excellent discounts and innovative features. Additionally, Liberty Mutual has an easy to use app that allows claims filings in less than 10 minutes and provides access to 24/7 support. While it may not be the cheapest option on the market, if you’re looking for complete coverage and great insurance features, Liberty Mutual may be the best place to get your car insurance.

While Liberty Mutual offers coverage across all 50 states, Mercury Auto only operates in 11 states. Additionally, Mercury Auto specializes in offering basic coverage, which can be limited for most drivers. This is where Liberty Mutual has the edge over Mercury Auto. This insurer has far more policy options, add ons and innovative features.

So, although Liberty Mutual may not be the cheaper option, it certainly offers far more coverage options, so you can find a policy that meets your specific requirements.

Like Geico, Liberty Mutual operates across the US, providing access to its products and services across all 50 states. However, Liberty Mutual is certainly not the cheapest option on the market. This is a large insurance provider that markets to those looking for more comprehensive coverage. This does mean that you can get a lot more extras included in your policy.

However, if you’re looking for the most cost effective solution that meets your car insurance needs, Geico is likely to be the better option for you.

Unlike Nationwide, Liberty Mutual is available in all 50 states, but the coverage options and policy features can vary from state to state.

As with Nationwide, Liberty Mutual has an excellent reputation for dealing with claims. In fact, you can use the Liberty Mutual app to file a claim in less than 10 minutes and access 24/7 support. However, this does come at a cost. Liberty Mutual is considered to be one of the more costly car insurance options, so you are likely to find that Nationwide offers a better deal without compromising on customer support.

Like USAA, Liberty Mutual operates across all 50 states. This is an established insurer with an excellent reputation. One advantage of Liberty Mutual is its innovative features and claims process. The Liberty Mutual app is easy to use and can expedite claims filing, so you can file in less than 10 minutes. However, this level of service does come at a cost.

USAA is a more specialist insurer exclusively available to those in military service, veterans and their families. So, if you fit into this group, you are likely to find USAA more affordable, with packages that are better tailored to your needs.


Here are our 2 choices of car insurance companies which can use as a great alternative to Allstate:  

Low prices are one of the things that made Progressive so popular among Americans that the company even encourages you to compare its rates with other insurance providers right on its website with a price comparison tool.

You will find the company provides standard car coverage options other insurers offer (like liability, personal injury protection, medical payments, etc.) and perks (like accident forgiveness, deductible reduction, etc.) when Progressive covers you. Of course, Progressive offers other insurance products like home, life, and renters through third party companies.   

When it comes to discounts, Safeco has some attractive offers. But these money-savers usually come with a catch – most of them are geared towards experienced drivers. Safeco is not among the cheapest insurers out there, but if you meet the requirements for the available discounts, this insurance company can be perfect for you.

You should also know that there might be some online limitations. So if you’re looking for a provider that allows you to do everything online, you should probably look elsewhere. Looking at it from another angle, this means that you will need to have personal contact with Safeco local agents from time to time.

Car Insurance Companies Review – Methodology

Our expert review team gathers data from many auto insurance providers in order to create rankings of the top insurers. Each company receives a score from each category, along with a overall weighted score of 5.0 stars.

Financial Stability: The highest score in this category goes to insurers with high financial ratings and customer-first practices. Although insurance marketplaces do not have financial strength ratings they can still be useful tools for drivers who are looking for premiums at competitive rates. If you are looking for an insurer that doesn’t underwrite your policies, be sure to check the rating of the partner company.

Coverage: The rating is based upon the types of insurance that are available, their maximum coverage limits and any add-on policies. We also consider exclusions that are applicable to certain drivers.

Cost and Discounts: We review auto insurance rates estimates for many drivers across every state. The best scores are awarded to companies that offer lower rates and have many discount options for car insurance. You can lower your insurance premium by qualifying for any driver discounts. Car insurance companies often offer discounts up to 25%-35% for eligible policyholders. 

The discount percentages offered vary depending on where you live and some companies restrict the amount of discounts that can be applied to your premium. We looked at the discounts offered in the various companies that we reviewed. Many allow you to combine different insurance policies to save on premiums. There are many savings options for drivers shopping for car insurance. These include discounts based on the type of car, profession, driving record, and other factors. Companies that offer a variety of options could lead to a lower premium for drivers were favored by us.

Customer Service: We review customer feedback and reviews from J.D. Power. Data such as market share, complaints to the National Association of Insurance Commissioners for private passenger car insurance (2020) and overall ratio of those complaints to the industry average. 

We took into account parameters such as companies mobile apps, advanced online services, and telematics make it easier for auto insurers to respond to consumer needs. Many providers offer support via phone, email and agents. Some even offer live chat and 24/7 support via phone, email, or mobile app, while some provide social media responsiveness during weekends and after-hours hours.