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How to Trade Pre-market Futures?

Futures, also known as futures contracts, are a very special investing tool, which is very similar to a bet – you agree to buy (or sell) something at a predetermined price at a very specific moment. In this article, I will show you how to trade these interesting assets in the pre-market hours.

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The Signals Are Here: Is Another Bear Market Ahead?

The well overdue correction in February, together with increased volatility this year has raised the above question for many investors. In this article, Steve Green examines some conflicting signals over whether to expect a bear market soon. Is Another Bear Market Ahead?

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The Most Popular Gold Bullion Coins For Investment

Gold is a great hedging against inflation and considers as one of the most popular alternative investment. Bullions were always a good option,Here's a list of the most popular gold bullion coins for investment, each of them has its own uniqueness

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Real Estate Crowdfunding: How It Works?

Investing in property is one of the safest options and it offers investors a long-term capital appreciation. The problem for the average investor: properties cost millions of dollars. The solution: real estate crowdfunding gives you the chance to own piece of this estate for just $1000. How can you join the party?

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Are CDs Good Investment Option For You?

CDs give people a steady and predictable income in the form of interest rate. On the downside, it “locks” your money for a set period of time. Shoulf you invest in CDs? Here's the basics - what are CDs, how do they work, what are their pros and cons, how many types are there?

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What Is Hedge Fund And How Do They Work?

Investing in hedge fund it's not a typical for the average investor, due to itq unique characteristics and requirements. However, many investors thinking of hedge funds investment in spite of the different limitations. If you are among them, this article is for you. Here's the basics of hedge fund investment

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Distressed Property: Tips For Investors

Talking about real estate, some people prefer to invest in the so-called distressed properties. Despite the fact the process of obtaining a distressed property is no easy feat, most experts claim it’s worth the efforts. Here's the best distressed property tips:

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The Most Popular REITs For Investment

REITs supply a great opportunity for the average investor to take part in the real estate market. Considering to invest in REITs? We've collected the most popular REITs for investment and a summary of the different options that available for investors

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5 Best Methods To Invest In Real Estate

Real estate investment is good for your taxes, cash flow, profitability, and diversification. However, it may requires time, knowledge and probably a large amount of money, depends on the investment's strategy. So what are the best ways to invest in real estate?

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The Best Ways To Buy Physical Gold

It's not a secret: gold is probably the best protection against inflation. Since many investors are also worried regarding the banks financial stability - physical gols is the ultimate solution for them. How can you buy physical gold, which things to focus on and where can you store this gold? We've summarized all you need to know:

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All You Need To Know About Open-End Funds

Open-end funds are the most common type of mutual funds. In spite of the popularity, many investors still don't understand how exactly does it work and what are the unique features of open end funds. Here's the basics - how it works, what is their uniqueness and what is the difference compared to close end funds?

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How To Pick Up The Best Mutual Fund

According to statistics, there were 9,511 mutual funds in the US in 2016 which manage 16.34 trillion U.S. dollar in assets. If you are a first-time investor with minimal knowledge of mutual funds, you could lose your way by just looking at their different categories. In this article, we review the most important factors to focus on when investing in mutual funds

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