Many people believe the safest investment for the next recession is gold. But not ETFs, not gold mining stocks – but only physical gold.


The way we grasp money is going to change. Due to the massive money injection, it’s clear that the real value of the money is decreased. We hear more and more the term “currency war”. Many people believe the way to reduce the debt will be by decreasing their currency value. In such case, our savings cut down and inflation will rise. In such a case, banks and other financial institutions may limits accounts in order to prevent bankruptcy.

Gold is great hedging against inflation and considers as one of the most popular alternative investment since it’s accessible for many investors and you have the ability to hold the investment in your hands. Also, gold is a great investment in uncertainty times when the market is unstable.  Through the years, gold has been widely accepted and has been utilized for many uses one of the uses being the making of the world’s most beautiful coins.

Rounds and coins are very different. What you should understand is that coins are issued by the governmental authorities while the rounds are issued by the private mints. Coins are so different from the round and the coin collectors and those who enjoy investing in metals will often collect the rounds.

A currency war is the main reason to consider physical gold as the best investment in the current situation.

The Different Gold Bullion Coins For Investment

In resemblance, the coins very much look alike to the coins. However, they are not a real currency and thus, they will differ from the regular coins. A round basically is a collectible value and though it may not be accepted as a monetary currency, it has monetary value due to its precious metal content. Overly, coins are accepted as a currency for most people. Of course, besides coins and rounds – there are much more ways to invest in gold.
The Most Popular Gold Bullion Coins For Investment

To understand more about the bullion coins, here is a list of the eight most common coins rated by the global scales.

The US American Eagle

Introduced in 1986, the US American Eagle coin has gained so much popularity. And has been in wide acceptance since the coin is in very high demand.

It is one of the most common and popular gold bullion coins. It was designed by the one and only Augustus Saint-Gaudens. This bullion coin has become very well known as a symbol of the American Currency. If you look at the obverse, one thing comes out very clearly, Lady Liberty stands tall magnificently. However, there is so much history that is behind the gold coin.

Popular mainly in the US

In overseas, the US American Eagle coin is not so much common. Even though it is so much common in the United States. To ascertain this, if you look at the two biggest gold markets in the world, the Hong Kong and Singapore, it may be impossible to find an American Eagle. Therefore, finding the coin may be harder than you ever think but its presence in the US soil is well distributed.

The US American Eagle Features

Going by the size, the US American Eagle piece is 22-karat gold which is very much similar to a Krugerrand. Comparing this to other coins there are in the market, and on this list, they are 24-karat gold and thus, they are smaller. Despite the fact that the US American Eagle is easy to buy and so much flexible, gold investors from places like China, Vietnam, India, and many other places.

On a worldwide, the American Eagle represents the true pride and heritage of the American people. It is instantly recognizable with the liberty sign which is on one of the coins’ side and the bald eagles on the other. The coin has a beautiful stand, as a matter of fact, the 1-ounce coin is made of the metals from the US soil. Therefore, the coin has 91.67% in fineness, the silver, and the copper content are at 3% and 5.33% respectively.

The copper content is for helping the coin stay strong and more durable.
The US American Eagle is fairly so easy to trade, buy or even sell for that matter. They are the favorite investor’s coins and many of the collectors prefer them. For Individual retirement accounts, most investors approve the US American Eagle as an investment tool.

South American Krugerrand

These are another common bullion coins which present a very nice investment for most of the people and investors. They are usually available in 1/10, ¼, ½, and the 1 oz coins. When someone mentions South American Krugerrand, one thing plays in the mind, wealth and certainly, prestige. The coin has become so synonymous with what most investors would like to identify themselves with, wealth.

It was the original bullion coin and around it is a colorful history. Even though there has been the introduction of other bullion coins, the South American Krugerrand remains to be the hallmark of most investor’s choice. With an aim to market the South African gold, the South American Kruggerand was minted. Much similar to the US American Eagle, the Krugerrand is about 91.67% in gold content. It has a total weight of about 1.1 ounces.

Internationally, there are more ounces of gold bullion coins which are normally in Krugerrand than all the other bullion coins. It is also important to note that Krugerrand was the first to take on the idea of having gold as a legal tender.

The South American Krugerrand features

South American Krugerrand gold bullion 1ozWith the symbol of an antelope, the Krugerrand holds its pride in that it is easily recognizable and least expensive. The United States widely accepts the coins and even outside the U.S., The name of the coin comes from the first South African Republic president, Paul Kruger. If you look at the obverse, the coin portrays his image.
The coin has been around since 1967, and for all that time, there have been some complaints that the coin leaves so many details or it is not that magnificent.

Comparing the coin to all other bullion coins around, the South American Krugerrand is far much accessible and represents a durable investment.
In the sales and the purchases market, investors have purchased more krugerrand than all the 1-ounce gold coins. The coin has 22-karat gold and its copper content is at 8.33% to make it more stable and a durable commodity.

The Austrian Philharmonic

This piece of value was first minted in 1989 and by 1992, it was on top and proven to be a top seller. This was also the case for most of the years like in 1995 and the following year, 1996.

The coin is a design to tribute to the world-renowned Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra and in the obverse stands and the Great Organ of Vienna’s concert hall. The reverse of the coin has an array of instruments. The piece is available in 1/25, 1/10, ¼, ½ and the 1 oz gold coins and is a guarantee through the Austrian Mint.

24 Karat, Pure Gold

 Vienna Philharmonic gold bullion 1oz The piece is a real masterpiece if you are considering to make an investment. Even having one as a gift to somebody. It is 24-karat gold and is 99.99% in fineness. This coin is a beautiful for investment as well. In Asia, the coin has not caught up very well. It is in wide acceptance in Europe and Americas. It is easy to purchase the coin somewhere like in Central Europe and store it in a place like the Das Safe.

When it comes to Philharmonic, premiums or often in line with the Maple Leafs. Basically, the Philharmonic are widely available from all the national dealers in the US. However, even so, they are less popular than the Gold Eagles and the Maple Leafs. Due to this fact, people appreciate them in the United States market since they have a contrarian status.

Chinese Panda

These coins come in third place. If you know the history of China very well, you probably know that China began striking Gold bullion coins as early as 1982. Panda coins are special and will always hold a special place in gold trading. They are the first high-premium coins with 99.99% in fineness and featuring a different panda portrait every year.

They are usually available in 1/20, 1/10, ¼, ½, 1 oz. Going back a little bit through history, in 1998, these coins made a major hallmark in the history of bullion coins. They became hugely popular as collectibles and this went all the way to the late 1980s. In 1983, this was the year when they were first issued. Also, they were popular among most of the collectors. Perhaps one of the reasons they grew in popularity among most of the collectors is the fact that they have a low mintage figure and exquisite workmanship.

Changing its design every year

Chinese Panda gold bullion 1oz 2014One of the attracting factors of the coin is the fact that they have a changing design and high purity percentage. The coin uses a plastic pouch or a capsule to add a classy touch. China gold panda comes from several mints including the Beijing, Shenzen, Shanghai, Shenyang. The panda has a distinctive character in that in every year, the reverse portrait keeps on changing. The obverse of the coin is an image of the Hall of Prayer for the Good Harvest. However, also the design will change from time to time on the reverse side, it has never failed to feature a panda.

American Buffalo

This is a 24-karat gold coin and its pride holds from the fact that it is the highest in purity offering 99.99% in fineness. It gives the perfect answer to the Canada’s Gold Maple Leaf. On the reverse side is a stamp which reads “1 OZ .9999 FINE GOLD. Compared to the American Eagle, the Buffalo is performing relatively very well. In 2014, the U.S Mint sold 180,500 American Buffalos while the number of the American Eagles sold were 425, 000. therefore, it is certain to say that the coins are performing relatively fine.

The Big Buffalo

2016 American Buffalo gold bullion 1ozOne of the distinctive characters of the coins is that they have irregular edges and the thicknesses will vary accordingly. Sometimes half a millimeter or even more. More interesting and an attractive character is the fact that the coin has a buffalo on one side. the other side is a classic Native American profile. In addition to that, the coin has a $50 legal tender in value.

You will get as little as $50 over the spot price in some advertising sites. But overly, if you are buying for less than 10 the price starts at $60 over spot. For 10 or more in the original issue year, which happens to be in 2006, the price was at about $160 over spot. However, if you are willing to invest in a 2006 American Buffalo proof, then be prepared to count on a spot. price not less than $575. Perhaps if you want something that will add to your taste and splendor, the 2008’s first issue will do you all the magic.

Gold Australian Kangaroo

The Australian Kangaroo was first introduced in the early 1987 by the Gold Corp [ institution owned by the Western Australian Government] and was supposed to be the Australian legal tender. Nonetheless, this piece of coin still remains to be a favorite item among collectors and investors worldwide.

It still remains to be the top choice for most of the Asian investors who develop less liking to the Gold Chinese Panda. Perhaps, we could owe this to the fact that Australia is in close proximity to Asia. The Nuggets [popular name for Australian Gold] are only one of the few gold bullion coins that change their design each year.

Available in many sizes

Australian Kangaroo gold bullion 1oz 2016In fineness, the Kangaroos are 99.99% gold. In 2011, Perth Mint happens to feature in the international news due to its magnificent creation. The one and only creation of world’s first one-ton gold coin.
From its introduction, the coin has undergone so much changes on its reverse side. The obverse of the coin features the portrait of Queen Elizabeth II. It is normally issued in 1oz, ½ oz, ¼ oz, 1/10 oz and 1/20 oz with the face value having the Australian dollar.

Canadian Maple Leaf

The Canadian maple leaf is a bullion coin that is usually issued annually by the Canadian Government. It is normally issued by the Royal Canadian Mint. The maple leaf is a legal tender with the face value being 50 Canadian dollars.

It is normally traded in the markets like the Hong Kong market as one of the few one-ounce, Mint issued gold coins. It was introduced at a time when the South American Krugerrand was difficult to find to the effect of apartheid. Most people accept Maple Leaf making it be wide as accepted as an international bullion coin.

Canadian Maple Leaf gold bullion 1ozThe Maple Leaf has a 99.99% in millesimal fineness. And it prides itself as one of the finest and purest official bullion coins worldwide. The standard version of the coin has a weight of 31.10 grams which is equal to 1 troy. Other denomination includes; 1oz, 1/25oz, 1/20oz, 1/10oz, ¼oz, and ½oz.
You can purchase gold 1-ounce Maple Leafs for $38 over spot for 20 or more. If you look at international recognition, the Royal Canadian Mint is well respect than the US Mint.

British Britannia 1-ounce Gold Coin

It is one of the stunning British coins that looks so amazing. In any collection and even more interesting, it represents a wise investment for serious investors. The coin elegant stature puts it in the first option for all those who want to invest in bullion coins. There is a lot more reason to consider this coin for investment.

The coin dates back in 1987 to 2012 are the 22-karat which had in its first two years a copper alloy. The next was the 23 which had silver while the gold coins that were featured in 2013 are the 24-Karat and usually carry the 1 oz 999.99 FINE GOLD. All the same, the British Britannia contains a full troy ounce of gold.

The coin is known to offer a competitive investment opportunity for you can find it with as little as $40 over a spot for 2015s if you can manage to purchase 20 or more. For most of the proofs, they are only available in sets and therefore, this means that those available may be pricey. The coins are available in ½ oz, ¼oz and the 1/10 oz with the face value of 50, 25 and 10 pounds.

The British Britannia 1-Ounce Gold Coin Features

British Britannia gold bullion 1ozCounterfeiting and fraud are the two common problems with anything valuable. To give light to the commemorative year, the Gold Britain Coin Series introduced the 2014 Horse Privy Britannia and along the rim, each coin carries eight stamped galloping horses. With this in mind, only one or even two will cost you spot plus of nearly $100. however, if you can manage to buy 20 or more, the price may come down a little bit to $90 over spot.

Beauty and details are the major hallmark of the Royal Mint and given that it attracts a tax-free status in the U.K, this proves that it will continue to rule in the United Kingdom for years to come.

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