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The Best Investing Robo-Advisors Of 2021

Robo advisors help you easily invest in the stock market and manage asset allocation. Compare and choose which robo advisor is best for you.
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Robo-advisors are a kind of financial advisers that provide online financial advice or portfolio with minimal human intervention. They became popular when people began searching for inexpensive but convenient automated opportunities.

Within minutes, robo-advisors can help you set up a diverse but customized portfolio right in the comfort of your desk. They can also give you access to services once reserved for the ultra-wealthy investors. You can now get your own financial planner or create tax-loss harvesting strategies. These, and so much more, are attracting investors to make use of robo-advisors.
Finding the best robo-advisors for you will depend on your financial situation and needs. However, top robo-advisors have three top features: low fees, low initial investment, and a comprehensive portfolio management service. You can use these three items as a basis for making your decision in hiring a robo-advisor.


If you are looking for a product that will allow you to perform hands-off investing with solid predictions and positive outputs, the Betterment Robo Advisor is a good option. The advisor has two plans, a regular plan called Betterment Digital and a Premium plan (for users with a balance minimum of $100,000). 

The regular plan attracts a 0.25% annual charge while the premium accounts attract a 0.40% charge and include access to human advisors who are available for investors. The advisor has diverse plans and a range of investment opportunities, so you are not limited to a few selections, and you can also take advantage of the goal-based tools that allow you to set and meet targets. You are not under any pressure to upgrade to the premium plan because you get value when you use the digital plan.


Sofi Automated Investing

Sofi is a newbie investor's dream. It is the perfect product to start out passive investing with all the upside and no downside. The advisor offers users customer support, access to top-notch financial planners, and a wide variety of low-risk investments. 

There are zero fees and zero account minimum when you use the Robo advisor by Sofi. If you have limited resources but hope to join the investing pool while attracting no extra cost, this tool is a good place to put your money. Some investors need more guidance than others; the customer service is available to speak with investors and answer any questions they may have regarding investing or using the Sofi Robo advisor. As a beginner, a Sofi Robo advisor can give you all the tools you need to quickly learn the ropes.

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Charles Schwab

Charles Schwab offers investors an investor-friendly Robo advisor with an account minimum of $5,000 and no maintenance fees charged. Clients who have a $25,000 balance are moved to the premium package. They will gain access to human advisors, will be charged a $30 monthly maintenance fee, and a one-time $300 planning fee. 

This may be a little risky for first-time investors who do not have up to the required out to use the product. There is a side variety of asset classes available to investors, and the portfolios are fully customizable to meet the user's needs and preferences. Some of the investment opportunities you will have access to include over 20 asset classes cut across different sectors to help you build a well-diversified portfolio. 

Charles Schwab


Vanguard Robo's advisor is laser-focused on delivering premium returns for investors who use this service. The required account minimum is $50,000, and the management fee is 0.30%. The large investment selections and low management fees have made this product well sought after by mature investors as an affordable way to broaden their asset portfolio. 

Vanguard  also offers comprehensive management capabilities, and as a plus, investors have access to human advisors who will help them to make better decisions and advise them as needed. The management fees drop as the higher the account balance. This charging fee method is designed to attract the biggest investors who hope to reduce the management fees from their current provider.

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Ally Invest

Ally Invest offers a newbie-friendly Robo advisor that is open to all investors. They do not charge any management fees, and the minimum account is $100. If you are already a customer of Ally bank, there is a seamless integration into the product that makes it so easy to use. There is a wide selection of asset classes to choose from, making the portfolio fully customizable, and all accounts have access to free auto-balancing. There is no human advisor offered to clients, but they make up for this by having a killer customer support that is available all days of the week from 7 am to 10 pm. There is a portfolio tracking option to monitor your portfolio in real-time and make decisions on the go.

Ally invest broker review

Personal Capital

Personal Capital offers a tool that is built for mature investors who have funds to deploy. The account minimum is set at $100,000, and the manage meet fee is between 0.49% to 0.89%. Using this, the Robo advisor gives investors access to human advisors who can guide and help them make investment decisions and offer advice as needed.

 Investors will also gain access to elaborate tools that will help them properly customize and manage their portfolios efficiently.  There is also an advanced tax optimization strategy that will help investors manage their taxes without any hassle. The support available is top-notch, and it is available 24/7 to help investors use the product efficiently and answer all questions. 

Personal Capital


Wealthfront offers investors its Robo advisor that's suitable for passive and retiring investors. It requires a minimum balance of $500, and the management fee is 0.25%. Assets under the $5000-dollar mark are managed free of charge, making this product great for investors who wish to learn how to allocate their money properly before placing large bets. 

Wealthfront offers investors automatic rebalancing, everyday tax-loss harvesting, low ETF expense. There is a diverse portfolio mix from over 11 asset classes that are available to investors; hence the Wealthfront Robo advisor is a solid tool. If you would like to bring your friends onto the service, there is a referral program that waives fees on $5,000 for you and your referral.


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