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Cost Of Debt Calculator

How expensive your debt has become? Use our great calculator. You'll find broad explanations on the different terms including everything you must know.

I Don't Need Background, Take Me to the Calculator!

Just about every person in the world has a loan. Moreover, a lot of people have multiple loans; one for the house, car, and/or a few charge cards. Each one of these loans requires a monthly payment, which is complex to manage because of different rates, dates, and so on.

How Debt Consolidation Works

The Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English states that this is “a loan used to pay back a number of existing loans so that payments are made only to one lender instead of to several.”

Keep in mind that it's impossible to combine all of the debt due to the following circumstances: the terms of the loans are different, the could be from various lenders, the interest rate, and so on.

You have to have a new loan in order to consolidate your whole debt. This will allow you to pay off your current, existing loans. These loans are typically smaller such as credit card balance, small loans, and so on.

Moreover, the only thing to consider is you paying back the new loan. This is definitely a better option which gives you an accurate debt number, future planning, and financial status. Banks and credit unions the entities that typically offer this the of solution.

Why To Consolidate Your Debt

  • Better Financial Management – you have only one date to think about instead of several dates.
  • Lower Interest Rate – you already saw an example of the interest amount borrowers has to pay. You need to always consider this. In a perfect world, it's great to pay off an existing debt with a loan that has a lower interest rate. Am I right?
  • Affordable Monthly Installment – you can see lower, monthly payments as a result of lowering your loan rate, and, if possible, by extending the term of the new loan.
  • Shorter Term – this is only an option if you have the opportunity to lower the rate on a debt consolidation and retain the monthly installment. As a result, you are paying your loan off at a faster rate.

Debt Consolidation Examples

Example 1

Nick an average husband and father and an active accountant. Even though he is a hard-working, his family needs come first. Initially, he gets a credit card of $3,500, then another one at $5,000 and lastly $6,500. In the begging, it was no problem for him to repay what he owes on the first card.

After paying the second card, he became financially strained. The third balance was harder to pay off. It can be hard at times to juggle, different rate, payments, and dates. One thing to include is that the card with the highest rate was the third card.

What can Nick do?

Regarding debt consolidation, this is what he can do: take out a new loan to cover his existing debt and consolidate it into a monthly payment with a fixed rate. Moreover, if Nick’s credit score is pristine, he may be able to negotiate a lower interest rate on his new loan. As a result, he will have lower, monthly payments.

It so easy, right?

Example 2

Here's a more detailed example utilizing calculations so you can have a better visual.

Laure is an office manager at a local company that has three loans. The first loan is a six-year $10,000 personal loan with a 12.5% interest rate.

Her monthly comes out to $208.70; the total amount of interest is $5,029. On top of that, she has a total of two credit cards. The first card has a balance of $5,000 for 4 years at an 8.5% interest rate. Moreover, these results come out to her paying $123.20 each month totaling $915.60 in interest for the whole period. The third credit card loan totals out to $7,000 for a five-star period at 10.5%. For this card, her monthly payment totals out to $150.50 with an interest rate of $2,027 over the whole term. This is just barely a quarter of the amount of what she has to pay.

In this scenario, Laure’s total principal debt is $22,000. In addition to, her monthly overall payment is $482.40 and the total interest on her loans is $7,971.60.

Her advantages are that she pays her monthly payments consistently, and she has a very good credit score. This persuades the lender to cover her with a debt consolidation loan of $22,000 a 7.5% over a five-year period. Her monthly installment comes out to be $440.80. Laure’s principal of $22,000 stays the same. She only has to pay $4,450 in interest.

The result:

As of result, she manages to reduce both her monthly payments and her interest rates she has to pay on the new loan.

Debt Consolidation Pros

Debt consolidation loans are a lifesaver to many. There are so many people that can't even progress in life because they have so much debt. On top of that, their interest rates are so high to where they can't renegotiate better terms.

Have you been harassed by collection agencies recently?

If so, then you more than likely owe more than $10,000 to various lenders and you have debts that are way overdue. If you decide to get a debt consolidation loan to pay off your current debt, then the calls will end.

More than likely, you are considering this move in order to get rid of overdue payments on various loans, which means your credit rating is being affected in a negative way.

Do you want to improve your credit score?

Paying off the principal on your new loan can importer your credit score. If you need to discover your credit score, learn how to find out.

Need a break from taxes? If you succeed in securing a loan with an asset, bonus points if it's your home, you can qualify for a tax reduction.

Debt Consolidation Cons

Remember, there isn't a perfect way to achieve anything. Even though something appears to look good on the surface, there are some things you need to take into consideration before getting a debt consolidation loan.

These types of loans can carry a higher rate at times. If you don't do the math, it's more than likely that you will pay more each month, and repay the debt longer than expected. As a result, your debt ratio increases. It seems like double the trouble to me. Furthermore, always remember to consult your financial advisor in order to prevent big setbacks in the future.

Also, keep in mind to not borrow more than what you need. Even though you desire a new car or bigger house, the question is can you afford it. Don't all debt consolidation to be a tool of injustice. Use this tool to your advantage and pay off your debts instead.

Best Methods To Consolidate Debt

There isn’t just one way to get a debt consolidation loan or to pay off your debts. The interest you have to pay quite expensive.

Moreover, there are a number of ways you can get a debt consolidation loan. Next, we're going to discuss the main ways US citizens obtain debt consolidation loans.

Balance Transfers On Credit Cards

More than one, we come to find out that we owe debts on our credit cards. Stuff like this happens in life from time to time. For instance, an emergency arises and you have to use your credit card to cover expenses. Scenarios like this are even more difficult for multiple card users attempting to stay in the green.

A good way to prevent this from happening is to transfer your balance on your credit cards to one new account.

Home Equity Loan

Most people consider this a second mortgage.

In a nutshell, this is process is using your house as collateral to get the loan in order to ensure the lender that you will pay back your loan. Even though this seems as though it’s a good idea, it’s quite risky. Above all, pay attention to details and ask the right questions!

Most people who acquire these loans have excellent credit. Moreover, the worth of their home is quite big if they are able to get this type of loan. The main benefit of this type of loan is having a low-interest rate. Moreover, you’re not accumulating a too much more than what you currently owe, just a small amount of it. You also have the option to invest more money into your house and qualify to receive more money.

It’s always good to careful though. Remember, this method puts your property in jeopardy if you are unable to pay back your loan. The result is foreclosure. Just knowing what can happen is humbling enough. If you currently know someone who is going through a foreclosure, you know the pain that it brings. On the other hand, it does have low interests. Just be careful; especially for those of you who have a family.


You are trading your house in order to get the loan. This is a dangerous venture for those who aren’t confident they can pay the loan off. the consequences not paying the loan is that you can lose your house as well as be taken to court to pay the loan back. A situation like this can ruin someones like. Take this situation seriously. In your spare time, research what others’ experiences of the pain of going through a foreclosure.

Credit Lines

A line of credit can also help pay off your debts. Most banks and credit unions can help you get a line of credit. The main requirements are to have a steady income and a good credit score. Hone these advantages for your situation.

Also, monitor your credit score and make sure it is pristine.


Doing this brings clarification on whether or not you qualify for a line of credit. Moreover, it also helps you make a clear decision to look for a lender or not. For instance, if you have okay to bad credit, you won’t get approved. Most lenders want 100% confidence in the individual they loan out to. They normally don’t like taking risks. If you do get approved with oaky credit, the lender can increase your interest rate exponentially. Moreover, it may not be worth applying in the first place.

Keep in mind:

If you just have okay credit, you will have a high-interest rate by the lender. I wouldn’t even try to get a line of credit in the first place. Also, be aware that paying a high interest costs more in the long run.

Debt Repayment Programs

There are various programs that help people get out of debt. This is a good option if you can’t gain approval elsewhere. These types of programs offer promises 0% interest, and a plan to get you out of debt with a few years or so. Moreover, they will combine your payments into one big one.

As I’ve said previously, this is a good option and can save you plenty of time long term. Above all, be careful in dealing with any kind of loan. Scams on people happen all the time on these types of ventures. Speaking with a non-profit credit counselor is a smart thing to do.

Choose Your Loan

You should invest a lot of your time contemplating if you need a secured loan or not. Even though these can be beneficial, they also have a risk factor you can’t ignore down the road. For instance, these are not a good option for those who don’t pay off bills on time. on the other hand, they are beneficial for those who do.

Even though these two types of loans have low-interest rates, they are very risky ventures.

Overall, there are programs that have free services for those who desire to walk in financial freedom and be debt free.