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Gig Economy: Good Paying Jobs With No Experience

We've colected 14 fantastic side job ideas you should consider. They are not hard to get into, and it requires just basic knowledge to execute.
Gig Economy: Good Paying Jobs With No Experience

“The gig economy is not novel – people have always worked gigs…today when people discourse the “gig economy,” they’re unambiguously talking about new technology-enabled kinds of work.”

Ms. Molly Turner, former Director of Public Policy for Airbnb

Within the past decade, the idea of getting a job as we know it is virtually becoming alien in most countries of the world, especially in the big economies.

We have seen drones gradually taking over the airspace, and this is pushing employees in transport out of business because, of course, technology is faster and more reliable.

Today, there are also talks of having 3D food printers, Food vending machines, unmanned transport systems, smart farms, and AI industries where robots will take over manufacturing and production with little or no human participation in the process.

What does all of these means? To begin with, it means many jobs will be lost to technology, and a lesser number of people will be employed to man the systems.

A publication by CNBC categorically mentioned that about 24% of jobs in the US would be lost to automation.

Catering orders have been taken online; business administration can be done from anywhere in the world. Whatever happened to the artisan weavers after the invention of mechanized looms?

As millennials and youths struggle to get educated and look towards filling a high position in different choice industries and organizations, it’s wise also to have it at the back of our minds that the world is transitioning from the job economy to the gig economy. Yeah, The Gig economy!

If you are only focused on getting a paycheck every month with bonuses at the end of the year or hoping to win big commissions, you’d probably have a rethink because it isn’t guaranteed and the best way to survive in today’s harsh economy is to have a second source of income, passive income or a side job if you may.

Embrace the Gig Economy!

The beauty of the gig economy is that it’s multifaceted & doesn’t discriminate by age, gender, social class, or even location. You can work from anywhere in the world and deliver exceptional services to someone at the other end of the globe in a different continent.

A work from home mom can also earn a decent living without compromising any aspect of her personal needs and lifestyle. Moms who want to go work from home can choose from any of the numerous side jobs or gigs out there, and you wouldn’t have to worry much about “experience” as you would in a corporate setting.

Side Job Ideas You Can Start Immediately!

We are going to share some fantastic side job ideas you should consider. They are not hard to get into, and it requires just basic knowledge to execute.

1. Freelancing

There are quite a lot of freelance platforms out there you can jump on and begin to get your fair share of the gig economy. Popular freelance outlets where you can sell your writing skills include but limited to Upwork, Freelancer, Fexjobs, and guru.

Not just copywriting, you can sell your creative ideas like website design and management, blogs, graphics design, coding, translations, voiceovers, transcriptions, and lots more- the list is just endless!

2. Voiceover Artist

As a voice-over artist, you will be paid to read scripts for animations or any visual media.

This is quite easy to get started, and all you require is your voice and some recording equipment. The idea is to be able to read aloud and record your voice.

Offering voice over services as a gig means you will be paid per project, and you can earn anywhere from $100 per 15 seconds recording to around $3000 if you are working on an audiobook.

3. Virtual Assistant

As a virtual assistant, your job can best be described as providing administrative services. You will be expected to manage organizational activities and events from the comfort of your home.

You would have access to shared documents and calendars to enable you to plan your tasks like making travel arrangements, appointment scheduling, and data entry.

Thanks to the Internet, most employees search online, especially on reliable freelance websites for competent hands to do the job.

All you need is your computer system, internet access, and knowledge of common packages like word and excel.

You should invest in personal development; proper customer relations management and communication skills are a plus. Also, proficiency in typing and organizational skills will make you stand out.

You can make as much as $15 – $30 per hour to as much as $64,230 annually in the US.

4. Translator

As businesses expand their network and market coverage, they often venture into foreign markets where language can be a serious barrier to communication.

Such companies often reach out to translators to help them communicate effectively while conducting their businesses.

Your job as a freelance translator would be to convert messages from one language to another. All you need is an understanding of both language and capability to interpret messages clearly to the audience.

This is something you can do within minutes and get it done with. If you are looking to working with international businesses, German, French, Arabic, Spanish, and Mandarin Chinese are often in high demand. You can make as much as $24 per hour to around $50,000 annually if you are consistent.

5. Transcriber

Earning money from home as a transcriber is something you can do without so much experience. People pay up to $30 for every hour of your time, and you can rake in an average of $1,500 monthly.

Transcription involves listening to either a live or recorded audio and typing what was said into a text document. You only need your computer and the internet to get started. Good headphones and a transcription software you are familiar with would be an asset.

6. Teach English

Teaching languages online is one way to make money online. All you need is to be proficient. Been a native English speaker makes it even easier.

However, if you are not a native English speaker, you would require a TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) / TESOL (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages) certificate. This certification is awarded after completion of the TEFL course.

Vital equipment you need are quality headset, computer & fast internet connection: a reliable webcam and probably a Skype account or any other platform your clients prefer.

Teaching English online can fetch you between $15 to $25 per hour and even more depending on the country you’re in. Teaching semester courses can earn you up to $2,500 per semester.

VIPKid pays between $14-$18 for you to teach Chinese kids English. Magic Ears is open in the US and US for you to earn between $18 to $26 per hour and a flexible schedule. Other platforms you can consider, include, Cambly, SayABC, QKIDS, and lots more. 

7. Proofreading

You could also do proofreading for $25 to $50 per hour. You will be given documents to check for errors in spelling, punctuation, and grammar.

Some popular websites you should check out are cactusglobal, edifast, wordvice, proofreadingpal, kibin, prompt, and lots more.

8. Brand Ambassador

Becoming a brand ambassador isn’t as costly or difficult to get started as a side job. Here are some easy steps you can follow.

Create a compelling online profile, sell yourself and portray revered values in your area of interest like fashion or marketing, build your followers, and increase engagements on your platform.

Once you’re able to all of these and also professionally conduct yourself, you can then go onto freelance websites like Fiverr and Upwork to sign up as a brand ambassador.

If your profile captures the interest of businesses in your niche, they will contact you and engage your services. You will be expected to help run campaigns and customer education for brands.

Often, you will mostly be engaged with customers on your social media platforms where potential customers will be engaged and ultimately directed to patronize the brand. You can make between $40,000 to $50,000 annually if you stay active.

9. Renting Assets

Renting your property is a smart way of making extra cash. All you need to do is get your property registered with relevant authorities to get legal identity and for tax purposes.

BnB offers such business opportunities in many countries all over the world. The idea is to offer your property for rent to mostly tourists or visitors who prefer the home feel than the accommodation of hotels and motels.

You will be paid based on the size, area and luxury provided. Rentals can earn you as much as $100 per day, depending on the number of tenants you get.

10. Renting Parking Spaces

If you were told some decades ago that renting your parking space to some random persons will generate income, you’d probably laugh it off.

Today, platforms like Craigslist, ParkWhiz,,, and ParkatmyHouse. These and many other platforms will help put your driveway or personal or shared parking space up for rent at your convenience. Interestingly, you can make as much make an average of $100 to $300 per day, depending on the number of customers that use your parking space.

11. Delivering Gigs

Who knew that one could offer delivery services at your convenience and make reasonable amounts of money from it?

All you need to do is get the companies app, sign up, and choose whatever deliveries you want to take. Popular companies include Doordash, Postmates, Uber Eats, Instacarts, Caviar, and Favor Delivery.

What they all have in common is that they aim to deliver customers goods, foods, groceries, and even beverages in a very timely manner, usually under an hour.

Look up which of them is closest to you and get registered instantly. You can make as much as $50 per hour & around $500 per day depending on what platform you are on and the number of deliveries you complete in a day.

12. Driving Gigs

Using your vehicle to convey passengers at your own time and on whatever day you are free is also an opportunity in the gig economy. Popular apps like Uber can fetch you more than $19 per hour. During surge periods when demand is high, you get to make more money.

Another place to go is Lyft; Lyft drivers make around $800 per week if you drive full time for 45 to 50 hours per week.

Other domestic jobs you can pick up to earn extra bucks on the side include Pet sitting. The demand for pet sitters is in high demand, and more people now harbor less fear of leaving their pets with someone they probably don’t know. Pet sitting is a lucrative job that fits the ideal side job idea.

You can make as much as $40 per day and even more when you have multiple pets. An overnight pet sitter can charge as much as $100 per night, and that also would increase based on the number of pets.

Pet walking and house sitting often fetch the same amount as sitting. Some popular website las you can visit to offer such services include

  • Trusted Homesitters
  • WatchMyHome
  • Rover
  • Fetch
  • org
  • Dog vacay, and
  • com

Additionally, offers other care services you can also try your hands on, like taking care of the elderly and even babysitting. Have it at the back of your mind that the companies would verify your identity and they’ll run a (criminal) background check as part of their verification process.

13. Junk Removal

taking out the trash is also another easy gig to consider. You get paid between $200 to $250 for apartments and up to $400 for business building. You will need brooms, dustpans, and litter grabber, & you may already have these in your house.

A litter scoop tool will also come in handy, and you can get that for less than $50 cleaning supplies stores in your area. Check out these websites for openings;, lrjunkremovalservices, and

Better still you can, get your own junk removal business started and keep all the money to yourself.

14. Watering Flowers

Watering flowers for offices is also another quick money maker. You don’t need too much equipment to work; your watering-can will do. Sometime you will find hoses on the premises and all you have to do is hook it up to the tap and you are good to go.

You can work with established companies for a start until you can find your way around. Some websites you can visit include, There are other options to consider at

In Conclusion

Whatever side job idea you decide to go into, rest assured that there are ample opportunities you can explore – You can make decent earnings at your spare time!So, if you are reading this, you have a head start in planning your transition into the fast-approaching gig economy.

Most importantly, you would have made enough preparation ahead of the forecasted 40% of Americans that will be independent contractors come 2020.

“If You Love What You Do, You Won’t Have to Work A Day.”

Hopefully, this gets you through to bring out the skill and talent in you and earn extra bucks easy-peasy.

Pachalo Mkandawire

Pachalo Mkandawire

Pachalo is a personal finance blogger. Pachalo's goal is to help folks become financially better off by providing content in money making & saving strategies, budgeting & side hustles